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An ode to Myiopsitta monachus

I used to have a quaker parrot named Kiwi and he was my best friend. He flew away four years ago and I still stay up some nights thinking about what may have happened to him and how I could have prevented his departure. I miss him dearly. Once you’ve known the joys of parrot ownership, I don’t think life can ever be quite the same without one.

My baby, telling me all about his day.

My baby, telling me all about his day.

Sometimes I wonder if he’s still out there somewhere. Every now and then I will scour the web with keywords like the date he flew away, city, state, description, and the number from his ID bracelet, hoping that someone posted a clue or a Found ad that I missed, or that Google has gotten better. But nothing ever turns up. So I hit up YouTube, and watch videos of the other little green clowns in the world.

Here are some of my favorites:

I love the “YAAAY” at the end.

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