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Eat this, Monsanto

You didn’t think all of my reports from Haiti were going to be doom and gloom, did you?

Last week I was at the NYC Hackathon, where college students studying computer science and related fields got the opportunity to have face time with the masterminds behind tech start-ups and companies such as Four Square, Snooth, and Hot Potato. In the intro demos, a presenter from Etsy.com showcased an API that allowed users to input any picture and find items on Etsy that most closely matched the color scheme.

I would totally use this picture as my input.

Because you know what? Haitian produce is fucking awesome. I ate a tomato today and it was the best tomato I have ever eaten in my entire life. It was red, it didn’t squish under the knife when I cut it, and it had hella flavor. I asked where it was imported from but apparently the majority of produce (at least the produce my family buys) is grown in Haiti.

So riddle me this: Why is that a country that has had all but 2% of its natural forests chopped down and is suffering from massive soil erosion can produce a tomato that is the epitome of what a tomato should be, while all we get is giant, dyed, watery garbage tomatos in the U.S.? I’m considering today’s tomato Exhibit A that genetic modification of crops is not at all for the benefit of the consumer.