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The ScienceOnline2010 countdown begins!

To commemorate the fact that there is only one month to go until I get to see all my favorite people from the Internets, some of whom I will be meeting for the very first time IRL (!!!), I present to you my favorite picture from ScienceOnline2009.

Via Alice of ScienceWomen:

hot shoes

Image 1: The Hot Shoes of Science.

From the top left we have my own hot legs in the gold and black Naughty Monkeys, Scicurious (my ScienceOnline2010 roommie!!!) of Neurotopia‘s hot legs in the purple and gold Naughty Monkeys, ScienceWoman‘s and Alice’s hot legs in the brown… I don’t know what you call those things but they both looked very becoming in them and I adore them very much. The ladiez, notsomuch the shoes — FOR ME. OK I’m going to stop talking now, and start getting excited about ScienceOnline!!