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Computer Camp Love

Something odd happened today…

While I’m usually content sitting in front of my computer for hours on end, surfing, coding, IMing with my Internet friends, today I felt rather… discontent. It was 3pm and I hadn’t yet been outside. This is normal for me, but since I spent a marathon 17 hours on the computer yesterday, I felt an impulse rumble deep within the R-Complex of my brain telling me to go outside and experience the sunlight. So I decided I would leave my laptop and get some lunch with a friend.

…But I couldn’t find anybody to go with me. None of the friends I texted were around, or they didn’t text me back.

I’m typically quite happy living a solitary life (IRL). But for the first time since I can remember, I felt a bit… lonely.

So then I watched this awesome YouTube video and wished I was at Computer Camp, where every day would be like a Science Online conference.

Isn’t it romantic when their hands find each other across the keyboard? The best part though, is when he smells the floppy disk at the end. Ahh, amore.