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My Amanda Palmer fan girl moment

This is my latest ear worm that has been in my head all weekend:

But you are my love/

The astronaut/

Flying in the face/

Of science

This broad is fierce.

And now to recap the story of my fan girl moment……. I once had a very special encounter with Amanda Palmer.

In July of 2008 I given a press pass and two free tickets to the first Rothbury Music Festival. So I packed up some friends and some camping gear and headed out to the Double JJ Ranch.

At one point I split from my group and went wandering around the press tent. That’s where I saw these two fabulously dressed ladies sitting in the grass. One was holding a pale yellow parasail and looked like she could have been straight out of the victorian era. “HEY!” the other one yelled to me. “Do you have another cigarette you could spare?” Hell yeah, no prob, and I gave her one and a lighter.

Then an arriving vehicle caught the attention of the Victorian woman and she got up and bounced over to it, parasail spinning. And then it struck me.

“Wait a second… is that Amanda Palmer?” I asked the woman, now happily smoking.

“Yeah, and if you come to her show tonight she’ll sign your tits!”

What’s that? Picture or it didn’t happen, you say?

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Drop it like it’s hot, Katie Cizzle

Today I was surfing the Interwebs when I got the impulse to PhotoShop something. What can I say, I find it relaxing. So I sent a Tweet out into the aether offering my services to a blogger in need of a new banner or something, and shortly thereafter got a ping back from one of Bora Zivkovic‘s loyal followers. The Tweet was from Fran Langum of Blue Gal, informing me that her posse over at the Blue Gal blog were having a little PhotoShop competition with the amazing Gawker pictures of Katie Couric getting down on the dance floor.


I immediately scoured the Web to find a more appropriate setting for dear Katie to execute those dance moves, and I found it in approximately five seconds. This may seem like a short time to make such an important decision, but I knew the instant that I saw those pictures EXACTLY what song she must have been listening to at the time. This is because, dear readers, I have performed moves similar to those, with the same look of determination on my face — a look that can only be inspired by:

So here’s our dancing queen, clearly having the time of her life in much more fitting company:

Katie Couric and Snoop

Katie Couric and Snoop

Katie Couric and Snoop 3

There are some other pretty amazing entries being compiled over at Blue Gal (this one with Katie getting low with Barack is my personal fave), so go check them out!

My top 5 favorite music videos involving robots

I like music. I really like robots. It is ♥ when the two are combined. Here are my favorite occurrences of this combination.

#5) Janelle Monae – Many Moons

I saw Janelle perform at the Williamsburg Music Hall this January when she opened for Of Montreal and was amazed with her stage persona. She stays in character as an alien android the whole time she performs and keeps an aloof, almost emotionless expression on her face while she busts bizarre dance moves with robotic precision. Between that and her Snork hairstyle, I felt like I was in The Fifth Element after leaving that show.

#4) Orgy – Fiction (Dreams In Digital)

Robot in hot woman suit commanding a cyber army with a wave of her arm and a twirl of her skirt while being the eye candy of the band I totally crushed on in high school? Yes please.

#3) Rokysopp + Robyn – The Girl and the Robot

I love the rendering of the robot and the general cinematography here, but there is a major problem with the concept: Robyn is waiting around by her lonesome in a party dress while her man bot is off… GARDENING??!! I don’t care what it was programmed for — if I was going to buy a robo hunk, he would have to be well-equipped to serve my needs; waiting around is not my style. But if I did fall for a robot and learned he was watering plants instead of keeping me company, it would be off to the impound lot for him.

Amanda Palmer seems to be on the same page of me, and that’s why the #2 slot goes to the Dresden Dolls:

#2) The Dresden Dolls – Coin Operated Boy

OK… I guess the chase is half the fun. But the prospect is rather tempting.

And for my number one favorite robot video of all time………

#1) Bjork – All Is Full Of Love

The most amazing sci-fi artistry, in my opinion, is constructed such that the brain can’t distinguish CGI from something that could be real and tangible. Aside from the concept of the assembling bots, which is amazing, the way the designers flawlessly mapped Bjork’s facial features onto her robot counterpart is a huge technological win. In college I spent a good deal of time watching a 3-D modeler work and, trust me, it is extremely complicated and time-consuming. But aside from that….. the concept of this video is sensual robot sex. Screw DARPA and military advancement, I want to see the nation’s top labs working to achieve this technological feat.

Computer Camp Love

Something odd happened today…

While I’m usually content sitting in front of my computer for hours on end, surfing, coding, IMing with my Internet friends, today I felt rather… discontent. It was 3pm and I hadn’t yet been outside. This is normal for me, but since I spent a marathon 17 hours on the computer yesterday, I felt an impulse rumble deep within the R-Complex of my brain telling me to go outside and experience the sunlight. So I decided I would leave my laptop and get some lunch with a friend.

…But I couldn’t find anybody to go with me. None of the friends I texted were around, or they didn’t text me back.

I’m typically quite happy living a solitary life (IRL). But for the first time since I can remember, I felt a bit… lonely.

So then I watched this awesome YouTube video and wished I was at Computer Camp, where every day would be like a Science Online conference.

Isn’t it romantic when their hands find each other across the keyboard? The best part though, is when he smells the floppy disk at the end. Ahh, amore.