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Hackers GIFs galore [What the world needs more of]

Today I was working on an article about a new finding in physics that could change everything! I kept thinking of this scene in Hackers, as it’s easy enough to say that but it all depends on the R&D resources in the end. And also, because lol.

Hackers RISC architecture

Since I still haven’t taken the time to sit down and figure out how to make GIFs out of movie scenes, I asked my friend Kat Manalac if her friends at Fancy Hands could make such a GIF, so she used her account and this is what they came up with in a remarkably short period of time (thanks Kat!). I didn’t end up using it in the article, as after interviewing a quantum physicist my head was spinning like a muon in a magnetic field, but I wanted to display the GIF. I mean, if there’s one thing the internet needs, it’s more Hackers GIFs. Personally I find myself searching for them at least once a week. It’d be awesome if someone went through and GIFed the entire movie. If I had a million dollars… I would probably spend half of it on paying people to make GIFs for public use on the internet (the other half would go sustainable energy projects in Haiti).

Here are some more from my collection of Hackers GIFs from unknown sources around the web:



Hack the Planet





Nothing to see here


Easter egg of keyboard kindness

When I got my Nexus 7 (which i’m using right now to write this post), one of the first things I bought with the $25 credit to the Google Play store was a new keyboard. I selected the SwiftKey 3 tablet keyboard, which anticipates your next word by examining your facebook and twitter posts to “learn” your writing patterns.

One quirky thing that happens sometimes while typing is the keyboard will be overconfident of what you want to say and you’ll wind up with extra words in your message. I usually just delete and move on, because I’m usually in a hurry, but today while casually attempting to tweet a video, I noticed that if you keep pressing the space bar the keyboard will form full sentences for you.

The first sentences sound like something out of the Horse e-books twitter feed. For example,

“I have been living in the emails as I have heard.”
“So i just cuddled my laptop.”
“I am at least one of the few pieces of furniture.”

Weird, but not terribly bad guesses for me, at least the first two. But after a few lines of nonsense, you get something else, something hidden and deliberate:

“I am pretty sure that you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don’t know you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. 6. You mean the world to someone. 7. You are Special and Unique. 8. Someone that you don’t even know exists loves you. 9. When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look. 11. Always remember the compliments you receive. Forget about the rude remarks. So…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. ”

I’ll be on the lookout for 1-4.

Please do not ever fall for this

I just got an email in my inbox from “Gmail support” with the subject “Important Update.”

That was the first red flag, as Gmail almost never sends important updates through email, they embed them directly into the site, usually in an alert banner across the top that you can dismiss, or links in the upper right hand side.

Another red flag is that it didn’t have the “verified” padlock symbol net to it, an option you can enable in Google Labs to ensure you that emails from sites that malicious hackers often try this stuff with, like PayPal and eBay, are actually sent from those domains.

Opening the email, I noticed, as did Wired Science Blogger Rhett Allain, that the email didn’t automatically open with images. An email from the Google staff would have. Clicking “view images” presented this email:

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