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The placemats at Chinese restaurants claim this is my year

The year of the Tiger. I don’t really buy that stuff but it never hurts to have people tell you that you should succeed, even if it is based on some mystical or arbitrary reasoning.

New year’s eve I was ordering a drink at a bar, and this cute nerdy guy came up and stood next to me. I could tell he wanted to talk to me but didn’t have the nerve, so I smiled at him and asked if he had any resolutions. He said he didn’t, and asked what mine were.

“Well, I haven’t decided yet. It’s either to be less crazy, or to be completely unapologetic about my insanity.”

“I like the later option,” he said. And then we were friends.

After day 1 in 2010, that’s the only resolution I’ve managed to keep. The others (drink less, be less crazy and have more sex) I realized I broke in record time when I woke up on New Years Day hung over with a hot Turkish man in my bed who, when he tried to cuddle me, I kicked out so I could meet my friend for bloody Marys at the Lodge. One fell swoop.

So here’s to a year of unapologetic insanity. May it lead to my success and not my demise.

Drop it like it’s hot, Katie Cizzle

Today I was surfing the Interwebs when I got the impulse to PhotoShop something. What can I say, I find it relaxing. So I sent a Tweet out into the aether offering my services to a blogger in need of a new banner or something, and shortly thereafter got a ping back from one of Bora Zivkovic‘s loyal followers. The Tweet was from Fran Langum of Blue Gal, informing me that her posse over at the Blue Gal blog were having a little PhotoShop competition with the amazing Gawker pictures of Katie Couric getting down on the dance floor.


I immediately scoured the Web to find a more appropriate setting for dear Katie to execute those dance moves, and I found it in approximately five seconds. This may seem like a short time to make such an important decision, but I knew the instant that I saw those pictures EXACTLY what song she must have been listening to at the time. This is because, dear readers, I have performed moves similar to those, with the same look of determination on my face — a look that can only be inspired by:

So here’s our dancing queen, clearly having the time of her life in much more fitting company:

Katie Couric and Snoop

Katie Couric and Snoop

Katie Couric and Snoop 3

There are some other pretty amazing entries being compiled over at Blue Gal (this one with Katie getting low with Barack is my personal fave), so go check them out!

In which the Millikan travels to the Motherland

A long-time Anglophile and tea enthusiast, I’ve always wanted to travel to the Motherland. So you can imagine that I jumped at the chance to attend the annual a session about online community management. The event was August 22, so last Wednesday I traversed the Atlantic and experienced London, and it was everything I ever hoped and dreamed it would be.

After being gone for so long, I’m up to my neck in freelance work right now, which is awesome because I love my work, but it leaves not a lot of time for blogging. You may find some highlights of my trip sporadically posted on here, and eventually something about the conference itself, which was really well-executed and fun. I’ve already lazy-blogged the deets on Twitter so blogging about it feels a bit redundant, but I enjoy it so whatever.

In the mean time, you can read a recap of my session over at The Mind Wobbles.


The only YouTube vid that maxes out my headphones regardless of the volume

Because there is only one volume for this song, and it’s MAX VOLUME.

Just kidding, it’s just this version of the vid. You can find one with compressed audio that isn’t so lame as to bleep the swears out. But this one is just awesome in that the bass explodes whatever device it is played through. Use caution when viewing…..

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