About Arikia

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I am Arikia Millikan. I’m an engineer/psychologist by training, journalist by trade, and creative writer by obsessive compulsion. I travel a lot and write about the fascinating people I meet and the things they create. My specialties are science, technology, intense research, personal profiles, and illuminating dark corners of the world.

I founded LadyBits, an online community of ~100 fantastic writers, editors, scientists, and people generally interested in facilitating women in tech publishing. Together we circumvented many of the typical patriarchal annoyances of working in the MainStream Media, completing the bulk of the production process “in-house” and publishing hundreds of articles and essays via “publishing partners” aligned with our mission. This project is currently on pause while legally disentangle myself and the community from my former business partner, who did not fulfill her obligations to the company.

I am a founding owner and publisher of an online science blogging network called Scientopia. If you are a science blogger and want to be part of a network independent from corporate interest, consider applying for membership.

I’m a former Wired editor where I coordinated coverage of DIY tech, science, and infrastructure repair in post-earthquake Haiti. I’ve contributed to Vice, Medium, The Verge, The Atlantic Tech, Gizmodo, Psychology Today, Prevention, Thought Catalog, and more. I’ve done community/technical project management for ScienceBlogs and Longshot Magazine.

My journalistic style ranges from straight news reporting to gonzo. I acknowledge that as a journalist, my interactions with the people while reporting may shape the trajectory of events as they unfold. I am committed to practicing socially responsible journalism and hope that the work I do will contribute to the betterment of society in some way.

The Millikan Daily is a personal blog. It contains my personal opinions, reflections, and analyses of anything I feel so compelled to write about. I try to blog every day as an exercise to strengthen my overall writing abilities, but I find it therapeutic as well.

A bit of history: After getting my BS from the University of Michigan, where I learned arabic and was an editor at The Michigan Daily, I packed my bags and moved to New York City. I currently live in Brooklyn in a neighborhood called Bushwick, which is where people who lived in Williamsburg retreat when they are over the scene. I used to moonlight at an awesomely defunct computer lab called The Internet Garage, where I began blogging under a pseudonym.

My first journalism job was wrangling bloggers at, formerly owned by Seed Media Group. After that, I worked with Nate Silver as his research assistant for The Signal and the Noise. It was released in September of 2012 and topped the New York Times and Amazon bestseller lists. During the research phase, we traveled around the country interviewing the most interesting people we could find about the most interesting topics we could think of, with me heading up the science and tech departments.

I now travel and write and am working on the next big thing. I do not do PR, marketing, or support the advertising industry in any deliberate way. Exxon mobile once tried to recruit me as a senior copywriter and I hung up on them. Please don’t ask me to help you destroy the world!

For a more comprehensive look at my published works, please visit my portfolio site,