“Wir haben mit Frauen über sexuelle Belästigung in der Hacker-Szene gesprochen” [English version]

When asked for comment about the recent Chaos Computer Congress (34c3) by Motherboard writer Theresa Locker, I responded in English. For some background, I am a big fan of Motherboard: I used to write for Motherboard on a freelance basis, and my former company, LadyBits, was once partnered with Motherboard US. Anyway, I have no idea what the article on the whole says because I don’t speak German and haven’t gotten around to translating the whole thing yet, but I put my chunk into Google translate and what came out wasn’t a perfect match, so I am posting the original below for accuracy’s sake. I was told me the comment I provided would be quoted verbatim and in full, so I think it’s a bit weird that a translation is considered “verbatim,” but kein problem. I live in Germany now. Gotta adapt. I can’t wait until the day I can actually give an interview in perfect German, but until that day, here is my actual response to Theresa’s inquiry:

The underlying problem is this whole rockstar mentality in which some men believe that if they achieve a certain amount of notoriety or amass enough bitcoin or whatever, then they are entitled to a bounty of pussy. Women are now stepping up, loudly, to tell them, sorry but that’s not the case. We don’t come to CCC to be the objects of some narcissist’s wet dream—we’re people, we have just as much to contribute as the guys do, and we’re part of this community too.
It appears that community organizers thought they could solve the problem by saying “there is no problem” and hoping that would make it true. Well, there is a problem, and it’s not going to go away until dudes can figure out how to step back and listen to the ones saying they don’t want to be there if nobody values their safety. If they can manage that, it would be great if they would invite the women who still care enough about the community to try to salvage what’s left of it to participate in the leadership process. It shouldn’t ever be up to only men to decide what’s best for everyone. (I still care.)
The bottom line is that nobody should have to leave any community because they’re worried about being abused. That’s what a code of conduct would be a starting point for, in theory. So by pushing back against it, it sounds like the organizers are saying, “nah, we’ll just keep doing what we’ve been doing because we don’t care that women are suffering,” which is bullshit.

7 replies on ““Wir haben mit Frauen über sexuelle Belästigung in der Hacker-Szene gesprochen” [English version]”

The problem is females don’t put out properly to those few men of genuine substance and principle, so when we DO finally attain and become after years of neglect and abuse, thou femmes have wracked up considerable debt. The issue is that females are wildly narcissistic and selfish these days, and aren’t really even worth the bother. If they sought REAL Men instead of avoiding them because they trigger their weak egos and challenge them to grow rather than stagnate, the problem wouldn’t exist in the first place – real men and real women would climb to the peak with much less misery than is currently required, while the mountain of pain currently reserved for those who truly excel and are not beholden to the anti-love materialist paradigm would no longer be required, and in their place the miserable and low would suffer as they ought for their crimes against humanity.

Turning affection into a commodity has wounded only the most loving, gentle souls on earth. It was a terrible mistake, and I’m not sure human beings will ever recover. It seems now that they worship greed and lowness, acceptance of evil, and a do-nothing, be-nothing mentality.

Keep in mind that the primary weapon of the status quo is censorship against free speech. As ye think ye own the land, so ye want to own thought. Why doth I require your approval? I do not.

DR. PETERS: Proliferation of atomic devices; uncontrolled breeding habits; pollution of land, sea, and air; the rape of the environment. In this context, isn’t it obvious that Chicken Little represents the sane vision, and that Homo sapiens’ motto, “Let’s go shopping,” is the cry of the true lunatic?

The truth is women now function as little more than parasitic agents of the establishment whose function is to subjugate the populace by enforcing lowness as the ideal and the only way to get a modicum of worldly reward. Humans have a simple need for affection and physical contact, but the pride of the lowly means that they do not provide it to the truly elite, only to those who mimick the cuckolds presented as champions on the telly, who sell out for any inkling of money by dancing like monkeys doing worthless activities rather than ever attempting to truly change the world.

As such, real men have lost all faith in females, and there is no motivation to produce true advances in society, as the populace is undeserving, and unappreciative regardless. A species that is ungrateful and abusive, can never be trusted with that which would set it free. Alas, I see none worthy. And it will ne’er be forgot- Bad behavior has consequences, karmic and everlasting.

Of course, one could also refer to the mass population, in a symbolic sense, as “females”, because even the males have taken on all the lowest attributes of a do-nothing, accept-what-is, and change-only-tiny-things (downstream rather than at the root causes) mentality that represents the archetypal female mindset. In other words, there are no real Men left – just monkeys who call themselves “men”, playing at war games but who fight for nothing real. They are pathetic, and they do it for scraps. Dogs on all sides, I see no real Souls – only sellouts barking out commands for their masters. Slaves, not sovereigns, whilst false gods and goddesses abound. Truly a fallen land, filled with crabs in the bucket of a shallow lyfe, blinded without purpose, creating nothing but creatures of waste, too proud of their squalor to excel, or even try. They didn’t even bother to fight – pathetic – or rather, disgusting.

They seek only convenience, not excellence. Expediency over righteousness. Feminine acceptance over masculine setting things right.

Oops, I should’ve kept this under 140 characters and in a single tidy box. *Curtsy*

But let’s face it, most gals just wanna travel the world and get trashy dick while pretending to add to the world, while doing nothing lasting, and then lambast another sex for doing the same sort of thing, because it’s a convenient way to assert their power, grasping at straws, while leaving the true saints to suffer, alone, unheard, unloved, and forgotten, unknown, unsupported, and rotting away in broken-down shacks.

Goys/”guys” are no different than the gals. Those are not Men.

Isn’t it so?

People do not love those of substance; they “love” entertainers, frivolity. There’s no future in that, but some lessons must be learned the hard way, when it’s the case that the student hates the teacher, and refuses the instruction.

Real Men are looking only for *support*. But women – so-called, for they are not real Women – have failed this. Men give freely to a recalcitrant populace only for so long before they require true evidence of the capacity for love to those they’ve given so much – a man shall not be a slave, nor worship his betrayer. But women give only to those who make money or act shallow. A Man needs someone to understand him and provide simple care, without making demands.

I may never write, because it’s no longer in my heart to care enough about such an unloving species. Instead, I merely provide the warnings, here in there, in comments that will never have an ear on the land.

It is the duty of people to provide for those who would save them. Why do they not?

And those who wish to remain pigs, aren’t worthy of humanhood. The desire must be there first.

I suppose your species will have to suffer immensely before it wakes up. Ah well, you had your chances.

Perhaps one day you will learn to honor your betters, rather than spitting on them. Ingrates do not last long, in the long-run, no matter how they couch themselves in false humility and care. If they cared, I would be loved.

But you men don’t know what love is.

And that is because you are all extremely selfish, prioritizing getting off over getting things right. Rebels are repulsed by and fight against the corruption infesting society. They despise this place, for it is a disgusting soulless cesspool.

Sure, damn the pigmen for chasing tail cuz they accumulated some faux coinage.

But you forget that real men need real love, and when they can’t get that and are threatened just for desiring the simplest of pleasures from the unworthy beasts around them, even though their true goal is the betterment of all….

You will always remain in a hole. And true men will never bother with your ilk again.

Oh, sorry, I have a heart, and your world makes me sick.

If you “women” and “men” truly cared, you would’ve listened by now. We know it’s just an act so you can tell yourselves you’re good while making your main priority pursuing selfish wasteful lusts.

One may judge by the fruits. Not one of your systems supports an Adam. You are all Eve. And I will never come for you agayne.

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