#MeToo, but hopefully not the next generation

When I was experiencing the height of PTSD from all that I’ve been through (which I have not spoken about publicly and will not until I am ready), I reached out to a colleague at the Trauma Journalism Center at Columbia University for guidance. He told me something that changed my life forever and made me strive to regain control of my brain’s fear-response cycle: when journalists are too traumatized to do their work, it is effectively CENSORSHIP.

The hellscape that is the current state of online media is not unrelated to the trauma imposed on almost every woman working in this environment, in all environments. Men: realize that when you prioritize actualizing your own desires over respecting another person’s boundaries, you are not just hurting the other person, you are hurting yourself and the entire industry you’ve dedicated your life to serving.

Imagine for a moment, if you can, how different the body of human cultural remnants—our movies, journalism, art, and music—might look in the alternate reality where all the women who have suffered the trauma of abuse had simply not, because abusers had made the choice to simply not abuse.

I believe a good way to fight back against abuse is to do whatever you need to do to heal yourself, and then do the work you were meant to do despite the obstacles you were forced to endure because of the unfortunate way society is. Then change society through your creations so the next generation doesn’t have to go through what we did. I am trying every day.

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