The polar bear in the zoo

The polar bear in the zoo swims in a monotonous loop. Does the polar bear know what it would be doing if it wasn’t for the shortsighted nature of humans emboldened by power? Their noble attempts to improve the immediate for the few they love the fiercest create ripples of destruction they will never see until the waves go fully around the world and show up back at their doorstep, but even then they will not attribute the cause to themselves. Still the polar bear swims round and round in its artificial glass cube, busying itself with the next moment and nothing beyond. For if it looked into the future, a future of hundreds of thousands of loops of going exactly nowhere, it would perhaps give up and sink to the bottom of its tank.

But oh how grateful the polar bear should be to be alive! Thank your captors, you ungrateful little bastard. They have saved you. You would be nothing without them. Swim swim, and forget your nagging instincts that insist you were meant to be king of the arctic. Don’t be so crazy, polar bear. You live in a zoo so that’s obviously where you were meant to live. It’s nice that you like to dream about the life you might be living if you had more than 20 cubic feet to explore, but maybe it’s better you don’t think about that unobtainable reality. Just swim your little loops and be grateful for the air you are permitted to breathe, for now. If they think you might give up, they’ll do things to make you regret it. Be a good little slave, polar bear. Your existence is not your own.