I have too much to do

Just so nobody is surprised when I collapse from exhaustion/internet overdose, and also so you don’t think that I’m a bad friend or being lame for missing out on your really cool thing, here is a comprehensive list of what I am working on.

1) Running a publication with no startup capital, no personal funds, and a lot of empty promises from people who have pledged to help.

2) Collaborating with a developer to build website for said company.

3) Establishing an operating agreement that will allow me to continue to build my team, solicit investments, and distribute equity for said company.

4) Assisting lawyers in filing a trademark infringement suit against some irreverent 20-somethings who forgot to Google “LadyBits” before deciding to name their podcast the same thing.

5) Contracting assignment as the acting editorial director for a startup online counseling service.

6) Doing research and linguistic translation for a genetic testing startup pairing those suffering with cancer to clinical trials.

7) Writing an article about the multiverse for 538.

8) Preparing to launch a partnership between my company and a super cool media company, next week.

9) Editing content from five writers for said partnership.

10) Drafting two pieces of my own content for said partnership.

11) Writing a book proposal.

12) Figuring out the best way to send out 1099s to about 50 people who were paid out through my company in 2014.

13) Figuring out what the hell to do with 15 different 1099s for my own work over the past few years.

14) Helping people with various things they ask me for (introduction, recommendations, coffee, drinks, lunches, etc)

15) Trying to find a way to get out of bed every day and chip away at all of this, little by little.

If you have a cabin in the woods I can retreat to, want to rent my room so I can leave this cesspool and go somewhere warm to think, have an extra computer you want to donate, or would like to send some form motivation my way (words, drugs, GIFs), email me at justarikia at gmail dot com. I’d love to hear from you.

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