One month on the road

Actually Doing the ThingsIt’s been a long one. Right now, I’m pretty exhausted, but I’d really like to get back on my daily blogging schedule. Some people have this idea that people who spend time online do so because they don’t understand how to experience the real world. I get a lot of people going out of their way to save me from my electronic prison. I appreciate it, and I do need that sometimes, but right now I just want to lock myself in a technological isolation chamber for days and do nothing but write. I hope someone’s inventing such a thing right now.

Being a nomad for the past month, I’ve:

  • Traveled to LA, San Francisco, Oakland, and Seattle
  • Completed a consulting project
  • Registered a Limited Liability Company
  • Learned how to eat a whole lobster (including the ovaries) using a hammer and my hands
  • Met one of my teen dreams AND his blue and gold macaw
  • Formed three new media partnerships
  • Watched a man smash a lemon, Gallagher-style
  • Looked death in the eyes and said, “Come at me, bro.”
  • Gotten business-married
  • Co-hosted the best party I’ve ever been to in San Francisco
  • Sat in a “spiritual vortex” on the property where they filmed American Pie 2
  • Realized that cults probably drive the majority of Southern California’s economy
  • Visited an infrared spa, a banya, got a bikini wax that somehow didn’t hurt, and had a woman massage 10 layers of various earthly chemicals into my face
  • Made some friends I will keep in touch with for the rest of my life
  • Got Google Glass
  • Got over someone not worth my time
  • Fell for someone really wonderful
  • Fell, literally, in a drunk piggybacking accident (somehow, everyone was ok)
  • Edited some damn fine essays from some amazing authors
  • Hoola hooped on network television

These are perhaps all stories in themselves, but I must warm the blogging muscles up again before I really dive in.

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