Isolative tendencies

I’ve been sort of withdrawing from Twitter lately. I’ve been closing Tweet Deck for days at a time, only tweeting from the web browser or my phone if I need to. I guess it’s because I’ve been more focused on productivity and other adult things lately, and it’s just so busy and blinky that I can’t focus. But also something feels different lately. It’s not as fun anymore. Or maybe I’m not as fun anymore, or drawn to the fun. Maybe I’m taking it on as my responsibility to focus on serious things. I just don’t geek out like I used to on Twitter, mainly just in person, with people. I feel like Twitter has become this frantic ego-stroking competition. Maybe I’m noticing more because it’s my job to be a front-facing journalist instead of a back-end editor. I worry that I’m being judged, and the more I worry the more I want to give the finger to the judgers. How dare they.

Maybe I just need a break from Twitter. Who me? Queen of the Internet? Nobody’s called me that in a while, The science bloggers used to, back when my entire life was devoted to getting their work out into the world. I miss being able to do that for the scientists. Everything’s changed so much.

But I digress. The whole point of this was to remind you that 40% of Americans never leave their home towns. Can you believe it? A friend told me that on the road trip we took to Pittsburgh last weekend. It’s places like that that make you remember how true it is, when you walk into a diner and everybody knows you’re not from around here. It’s kind of like how the majority of Americans have never used Twitter either, or use it once and think it’s stupid and never use it again. I don’t know how they do it, but I’ll allow it to comfort me about closing Tweet Deck for a few days so I can write, and think.

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