Getting ready to rough it

There are certain luxuries I sometimes afford myself that really add up quickly. I’ve already begun to moderate these things since I quit smoking, which is saving me a lot of money, but now it’s time to go the extra mile so I can save up for my departure from NYC and get accustomed to living minimally. Exceptions will be made for business meetings.

  1. Cabs/car services — Subway only for me from now on, which means I need to change my late night habits.
  2. Gel manicures
  3. Eating out
  4. Coffee shop coffee
  5. Fancy cocktails
  6. New clothes, even new vintage clothes. EVEN Black Milk leggings. >:(
  7. Sephora

Actually, now that I think about it, this is where the entirety of where my money goes outside of rent, utilities (including online services), groceries, electronics, metro cards, and the occasional yoga class. I WILL SURVIVE.

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