10 things I learned at SXSW

After spending 10 days at the SXSW festival in Austin, here is some #realtalk for you:

1) Nerds are awesome in large numbers. Interactive > Music in terms of general atmosphere, but I’m pretty biased in this regard.

2) Our internet connectivity devices are extensions of our bodies, and we feel crippled when they are out of power or if they get lost. I really hope that the industry is structured such that inventions that could massively improve on battery technologies can be incorporated into the current technological landscape.

3) Overnighting a phone (which was stupidly left in a rental car) from NYC to Austin costs $75, the same price as a pair of Black Milk leggings. Cursing my negligence because I really wanted these.

4) So many young people are devoting their lives to building apps that don’t benefit society in any way. There are going to be some hardcore midlife crises down the line, so hopefully at least one startup out there is working on an app for that.

5) Some venture capitalists have a really distorted sense of reality. When the bubble bursts and there’s nobody left kissing their asses because they want something from them, they are going to be very sad. App for that?

6) Internet friends are almost always good IRL friends too.

7) SXSW is hands down the most annoying festival to observe from afar. I was annoyed when I missed out in past years, so I did my best to not annoy others in the twittersphere too much, but I apologize if I gave anyone FOMO.

8) If you don’t stop and get hot and sweaty on a dance floor every now and then, you’re doing it wrong.

9) I can talk my way into 99% of things, and I didn’t want that 1% anyway.

10) Southern hospitality is alive and well in Austin, Texas.

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