Blog block

Someone I respect told me they subscribed to my blog today. Imminent blog block. It’s so much easier to be anonymous, to write for no one.

Just spent an hour writing a post about TSA, now I don’t feel like publishing it. I have pages of handwritten notes from Aaron Swartz’s memorial service that I wanted to turn into a blog last night, especially because everyone kept talking about how important it is to do things, to act, to change things through your actions, to never rest. Sometimes for me it’s like the more important something is, the less able I am to complete it. Ever since my mom let me quit ballet a week before the recital when I was 6, I’ve been a chronic unfinisher.

Quitting smoking has made me so freakishly tired at night. I’ve always been a night owl, always. This new pattern makes me feel old. I want to quit quitting smoking. I’m not convinced that any health benefits outweigh the benefits of smoking.

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