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How to build a psychological immune system

While my actual immune system goes to work on this cold that’s making me want to claw my gums out to alleviate the pressure in my sinuses, I’m sitting here munching chopped garlic on toast and watching this Ignite talk given by my friend and former Psychology Today editor, Jay Dixit.

Because of the format of Ignite talks, where 20 slides rotates automatically every 15 seconds, they are the best to watch and the most difficult to give. I know this because I gave one in November and am dreading the day the video surfaces on YouTube. Or I could take Jay’s advice and tell myself that next time I volunteer for such a speaking engagement I’ll rehearse instead of curling up in a little ball of anxiety every time I thought about rehearsing in the preceding days, and I’ll be great!

Anyway, Jay was great, so watch his video and learn how to stay positive:

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