OMG: STOP, Kernel

2013! An exciting new year for media, they say. Though to me it seems that every “innovative new tech publication” has the same distribution of founders, editors, and writers that every worn old tech publication has—heavily skewed male.

I’ve been eying Kernel Mag with interest after coming across their Troll Watch movement on twitter and reading about their mission statement to “fix European technology journalism”. Recently though, they published a feature speculating on Twitter creator and Square founder Jack Dorsey’s involvement with British actress and model Lily Cole based on a Daily Mail photo(shop?) of Cole giving Dorsey a massage that made me seriously question the editorial judgment over there.

From the article, cleverly titled: OMG: IS LILY COLE DATING JACK DORSEY?

Lily Cole Jack Dorsey

It’s Jack Dorsey. And Cole seems to be getting very close to the famously private Twitter chairman, in images that will come as a surprise and diasappointment to the nerdy hero’s female fan base and a revelation to the tech industry. Is Cole jonesing for a seed investment in her upcoming venture? Or is romance in the air?

Congrats, Kernel. You’ve nailed women’s number one strategy of acquiring seed funding: donning a bikini and massaging a VC.

Also, that picture is clearly not legit, unless there are two very oddly-shaped men crammed into the 3-stair-width space behind them. And I’m not even going to touch the claims about Dorsey’s heroism and “female fan base” because, ayfkm? But also a quick glance on the editorial staff site reveals it’s overwhelmingly white male.

I’m so bored with this formula for tech publications.


UPDATE: Duncan Geere has informed me via twitter that Kernel is rather notorious in the British Media for being crap, citing a really strange essay by founder Milo Yiannopoulos about women with muffin tops, and an essay in Kernel begging confident women to “get over themselves” and demeaning female support networks, authored by what appears to be a sock puppet contributor dubbed Aunt Daphne. Apparently since they can’t pay their writers to write this misogynist tripe, they have to invent them.

Kernel, you are dead to me.

1 thought on “OMG: STOP, Kernel

  1. Purako

    Milo Yiannopoulos has a long history of misogyny. If you can manage to look over the insuffrable self-love throughout his Twitter feed you can find examples including ‘slutshaming’, basically calling Caitlin Moran a slut and prodding pregnant women for daring to take maternity leave. He’s really just not very nice.


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