Adorably badass parrots

I’ll be the first to admit I have a bizarre obsession with parrots. I always have. My mom was very strict and I wasn’t allowed to do much socially when I was a teenager, but I had a quaker parrot that I raised from an egg and he was a total badass. He ended up flying away when I was in college. Now I must get my parrot fix from YouTube. Here are the best videos of badass parrots on the internet.

The only thing cuter than a parrot disciplining its owner is a parrot disciplining its owner in a New Zealand accent. I love how he uses his little foot to shush him too.

Despite having some trouble saying the number “two,” Lolita is better than the poseurs from Drowning Pool, who allowed their song to be used in the Army recruitment videos they used to show when I was in high school. Seriously, what PR people were in charge of that decision on both sides? You can’t find the vid on the web anymore, so i assume they were fired.

Moving on, I think that if Lolita got together with this guy, it would be the most adorable rock show in the world:

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