Hell Yes Internets WIN

Look at this fucking love connection

Last year when I was working at, my co-Cat Herder dug up this web gem on flickr and posted it in the forums to the amusement of the bloggers. Titled “Arikia at work”:

Then today, while searching for inspiration for the upcoming photoshoot I’m participating in so I can have some decent head shots/avatar pictures, which have been requested by just about everyone above me in the professional world (and one person in my personal world who I wish was above me in a different way right now if you know what I mean), I came across this strapping young lad’s soul mate:

Look at that fucking love connection!!!!!!!! Amirite?

I hope they found each other and had dirty hot sex by the light of the Atari 520 ST with color graphics and 64k RAM.

LOL Nerdy

Can you spot the IT Consultant?

From the Staff Profiles page of the website for Dean’s Property:

CAn’t. Stop. Laughing.

(H/t Dan MacArthur)