A present for Admin

After a weekend of being unable to use my laptop — the result of a broken power cord — I decided to take my hardware in to the Internet Garage to see if my one of my friends I work with there could fix it for me. He’s a totally brilliant programmer and we’ve worked together a lot in the past to build sites and scheme projects, but sometimes his idea of “fixing” something is breaking it, then breaking it more, then finally making it work as well as it did before but no better. Regardless, I had to give it a try as ScienceOnline is fast approaching and I have a million things to do. Actually, I don’t even have time to be writing this blog post right now, but whatever.

Anyway, I found this amazing gem of a book on the sidewalk on the way there and thought he might like it as a present:

Admin: Is that really for me?

Me: If you want it.

Admin: I don’t, but if you’re trying to give it to me i’ll just throw it out.

He loved it sooooooooo much! To show his appreciation, he sort-of fixed one of my power cords that i thought was more broken than the one that recently broke. Temporary WIN, but also, thanks to those of you who offered to let me borrow a power cord at ScienceOnline =)

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