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No dental insurance? No problem [FOUND @ the IG]

dentalThis was found on the Wall of Flyers at the Internet Garage. I looked up from my laptop to see a customer standing on the back of the couch examining this. “Hey can I take this poster down?” he asked. I squinted to read it. “Uh, why? Do you have something against cheap dental care?” I asked. “No, it’s hilarious, look at it,” he responded. And I got up to go examine it. So I told him he could have the poster if I could scan it first.

I’m actually extremely curious about this — assuming this is not legit, what would motivate someone to go to the trouble of designing and printing out this poster and placing it in a public computer lab in Williamsburg? I guess the way to find out would be to call the number…

Any volunteers? No, I dare you to call the number and ask whoever picks up if they are aware they spelled “courteous” wrong on their dental poster. First to post the outcome in the comments below might possibly get a prize.

My top 5 favorite music videos involving robots

I like music. I really like robots. It is ♥ when the two are combined. Here are my favorite occurrences of this combination.

#5) Janelle Monae – Many Moons

I saw Janelle perform at the Williamsburg Music Hall this January when she opened for Of Montreal and was amazed with her stage persona. She stays in character as an alien android the whole time she performs and keeps an aloof, almost emotionless expression on her face while she busts bizarre dance moves with robotic precision. Between that and her Snork hairstyle, I felt like I was in The Fifth Element after leaving that show.

#4) Orgy – Fiction (Dreams In Digital)

Robot in hot woman suit commanding a cyber army with a wave of her arm and a twirl of her skirt while being the eye candy of the band I totally crushed on in high school? Yes please.

#3) Rokysopp + Robyn – The Girl and the Robot

I love the rendering of the robot and the general cinematography here, but there is a major problem with the concept: Robyn is waiting around by her lonesome in a party dress while her man bot is off… GARDENING??!! I don’t care what it was programmed for — if I was going to buy a robo hunk, he would have to be well-equipped to serve my needs; waiting around is not my style. But if I did fall for a robot and learned he was watering plants instead of keeping me company, it would be off to the impound lot for him.

Amanda Palmer seems to be on the same page of me, and that’s why the #2 slot goes to the Dresden Dolls:

#2) The Dresden Dolls – Coin Operated Boy

OK… I guess the chase is half the fun. But the prospect is rather tempting.

And for my number one favorite robot video of all time………

#1) Bjork – All Is Full Of Love

The most amazing sci-fi artistry, in my opinion, is constructed such that the brain can’t distinguish CGI from something that could be real and tangible. Aside from the concept of the assembling bots, which is amazing, the way the designers flawlessly mapped Bjork’s facial features onto her robot counterpart is a huge technological win. In college I spent a good deal of time watching a 3-D modeler work and, trust me, it is extremely complicated and time-consuming. But aside from that….. the concept of this video is sensual robot sex. Screw DARPA and military advancement, I want to see the nation’s top labs working to achieve this technological feat.

An interview with Ted Kennedy

The news that Senator Ted Kennedy succumbed to his malignant brain tumor and passed away on August 25 prompted Americans to mourn his loss. But for one man, Ted Kennedy, this day served as a weird reminder of his own mortality. I caught up with Ted Kennedy and our mutual friend and Googler, Lisa, on g-talk shortly after Senator Ted Kennedy’s passing to find out how this tragedy affected him.

me: Ted, how did it feel seeing the announcement of your death plastered over all of American media?
Ted: It was de-familiarizing and slightly anti-climactic…Well not anti-climactic, I was just surprised about my nostalgia for the time in my life when he had been alive.
me: I see.
Did Ted Kennedy’s passing ever make you stop to imagine that perhaps it was you who died that day?
Ted: No, but at least one person actually thought it was me when they were notified via a late night text.
Lisa: I probably would have thought that too, but it was Ted who was sending the text.
“Apparently Ted Kennedy died.”

To commemorate the death of Ted Kennedy’s name doppelganger, Ted and Lisa made this 2-minute video:


Thank you for your business, asshole [FOUND @ the Internet Garage]

This one is a bit different from the typical “Found” items in that it was deliberately and purposefully made by an employee. But it is just as hilarious. A fine addition to the signage decorating this gem of a computing facility, don’t you think?

stopbeinganassholeQuality customer service, it’s what we provide. But seriously, this is Williamsburg.

Full circle in the fall

I am sitting in the control station at the Internet Garage, surrounded by computer monitors. I haven’t worked here since January but the manager was going out of town and asked if I wanted to pick up shifts, so I said sure, if for no other reason than that I’m always looking for excuses to avoid going out Friday nights. But this place has its charm. It’s good to be back in IT, troubleshooting and giving people the most precious gift of all: Internets. Well, selling it to them for exorbitant rates, but whatever.

It’s also a bit strange to be back here. For one, because people are all like “O hey the IG girl is back!” (I’m the only girl who has worked here in the past ~2 years). But also because things have kind of come full circle. The fall is when that kind of thing usually happens for me. I mean, this is where it all started. I was sitting in this very seat when I made my first WordPress account, when I pressed publish on my first blog post. The IG customers were the first to hear my exclamations of glee when I saw what a link from the New York Times website could do for the traffic of a quirky, small-time culture blog (an old pseudonymous one, not TMD). And it was working here that I collected the dozens of hilarious remnants I occasionally post in the Found series on here.

I guess this is also where I decided that the blogosphere was something that I wanted to be deeply involved with, as a writer and as a Web 2.0 technophile. When I was in college and an editor on my school newspaper, I used to be skeptical of the blogosphere and its ability to provide rewards for the writer, professionally and financially. I once even made a facebook group called “Fuck blogging. My thoughts are worth $$”. Yes yes, while you may know me now as a major blog enthusiast and proponent of Open Access, Open Science, and the idea that the web is changing journalism as we know it for the *way* better, I admit I had my curmudgeonly moments. But this was back when Twitter was saturated with the breakfast-describer variety and it was a rarity to encounter people over 40 on the Facebook. It’s funny how things change.

There really isn’t a purpose to this post other than reflection…