The video is up! [A recap + slides of my session at Science Online London]

Presentation SOLO09

Photo by Victor Henning of Mendeley.

Well, the video evidence is on the Internet now so it must have really happened! Today I got a Tweet linking me to the footage of my session, Cat Herding: The Challenges and Rewards of Online Scientific Community Management at Science Online London. I presented alongside Corie Lok, former Community Manager of Nature Network (she’s moving on to be the Research Highlights Editor of Nature now so go congratulate her!), and Ijad Madisch, founder of the scientific network Research Gate.

Well, here it is! I had to watch this through my fingers at first. Internet permanence is a scary thing.


Sorry I had to trick you with the video image – WordPress doesn’t support Vimeo.

Well, it’s no TED-quality presentation, but considering that it was my first time presenting in front of an audience like this… or any audience larger than classroom-size, I think it turned out decent enough. Though perhaps before the next presentation I should rehearse with an electric collar that shocks me every time I say “um” or “uh”. Oh well, whatever I lacked in public speaking ability I surely made up for with LOLcats.

There was mention of the slides we used in our talks going up on Nature Precedings at some point, but I haven’t seen any links floating around, so I’ll post my amazing slides below the fold.

8x6-TitleThe title slide. Exemplary of the life of a Cat Herder. Look at him go!!!!!!!!!

8x6-HierarchyA model of what I view to be the components of a successful online community, based on good ol’ Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This has also been referred to as The Pyramid of Awesome (thanks Chris :). In case you were wondering, yes, that is Teh Internets in the background, and yes, I do enjoy dropping shadows in PhotoShop.

8x6-Meanest_catThis slide represents what happens to bloggers when their needs are not met. It’s a still image from a hilarious viral video that went around a while ago:

Lolz 2 the caption: “Not footage you would want to use for a Humane Society commericial.”

But those aren’t the bloggers I typically encounter…

8x6-Good_BloggersThese are! See, there’s little PhysioProf peaking around the corner! Aren’t they adorable? Don’t you want to just scoop them up???

Science Online London 2009 was an amazing experience and I’m grateful to have had the oppurnity to attend. Now I’m just counting the days until Science Online 2010 in North Carolina :)

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