Dear roommie,

The utmost temptation.

The utmost temptation

I ate all your ice cream. I’m sorry! It was sitting in there for a WEEK – a whole week. Every time I opened the freezer it was just staring at me. At first I only took a few bites because I knew you wouldn’t mind. But then you didn’t eat any more the next day so I put quite a dent in it. But I was so nice, I SAVED you some, and you still didn’t eat it! Now, I just ate the last bite, and some night you will go to look for it in the freezer and be disappointed. But you know what? You should know better by now. THIS HAPPENS EVERY TIME!!!!!!! I have a terrible addiction, and it is not very supportive of you to tease me that way. So don’t be upset, because you know that if you buy a pint of Ben and Jerrys and don’t eat it right away, it will be gone — ESPECIALLY if it is a NEW LIMITED EDITION flavor that tastes like magic and sunshine.



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