On letting go of inhibitions

Inhibitions: The constraining of one’s behavior in social settings; the result of neurological processes involving the frontal lobe; a blanket for insecurity and shield against mockery and defamation. Sure they serve a useful purpose in subduing people’s violent and antisocial tendencies, but for the most part they are LAME.

That’s why when I saw this video posted to my bloggy co-conspirator‘s g-talk status, I came back to the topic I philosophized about as a sophomore in college while reading Erich Fromm: The manifestation of inhibitions in daily life. Or in this case, lack thereof. I present to you, Tommy Tucker:

Granted, Tommy Tucker has consumed some inhibition-reducing elixir (Evan Williams?), but the average person — even upon consuming the entire contents of that bottle — could not execute Mr. Tucker’s act of inhibitory defiance with such style and class. And note how others around him respond. People look to others for ways to break out of their own inhibitory patterns, and it catches on. Crowd dynamics, yum. Here is a particularly awesome example:

I wish that one out of every ten people, or maybe even 20 or 50, had the lack of social inhibitions that Tommy Tucker and the dude at the Sasquatch music festival did when these videos were recorded. If that were so, then life would just be one big dance party, and I think we would all be a lot happier.

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