Weighing the options

One woman’s tumultuous struggle in selecting a toothbrush.

toothbrushesToday I spent a full 10 minutes deciding what toothbrush to get from Duane Read. In this time I probably handled 20 different brushes. The medium-bristled ones were all behind the soft ones, and if there’s anything i dislike, it’s a soft toothbrush. Had to move all those out of the way. I couldn’t remember what color my roommate’s toothbrush was, but I wanted to avoid that color. I felt a wild urge to branch out from my usual bristle pattern, but needed to be economical. Seven minutes in, I thought I had found the perfect one, but the back-side perforation had been separated. Eventually, I became self-conscious of how long this process was taking, and of the pile of soft-bristled toothbrushes shoved perpendicularly to the rest in an empty slot. So I made a snap decision, settled and checked out.

Just now, I realized that the toothbrush I chose after all that deliberation is exactly the same as the toothbrush I have been using for the past few months. Except it is a different color — the color of my roommate’s toothbrush.

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It seems murphys law applies to everything in my life now. I needed to replace the headlight on my moped, so I open up the front panel search all over town trying to find this piece of shit bulb, and then I get home empty handed, and as I’m putting the thing back together I drop the blinker bulb on the ground shattering it into a million pieces. I then finish up and walk inside only to step in a pile of what? Chocolate pudding. Wtf apparently my roommate spilled some pudding on the floor and didn’t clean it up. I then precede to drop the headlight bulb on the tile and have to attempt to order the same bulb online based on what I think it looked like before it consisted of 4000 pieces. The bulb comes today, odds of it being the right one, pretty poor.

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