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In which The Millikan will journey to meet her maker

In grade school, when we had activities where we had to draw or describe our families, I only had two people to draw: my mom and me. I would finish first and get creative, including my parakeets and fire-bellied newt, but I remember feeling a sense of lacking when the other kids’ pictures were filled with people and I had to clarify that that black and red blob’s name was Scooter and he was part of my family, too. No siblings, no father — just us two ladies holding down the Millikan household.

All my life I’ve identified as an only child. So you can bet I was surprised when two months ago, I got an email from my sister. I scanned past it in my inbox at first. I get a lot of newsletters and notifications and stuff and might not have even recognized it as important with the subject “It’s about time we meet.” But I did a double take when I recognized the last name as my father’s.

I guess you know you’re really living in the Internet Age when the sister you didn’t know existed finds you on the Facebook and contacts you.

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#goodsex trending thread indicates humanity is DOOMED

A few days ago I was sitting around, being unemployed and surfing the web, and I noticed a trending topic called #goodsex rising to the top of the ranks on Twitter. I’ve been thinking a lot about sex and how it is perceived and practiced in the U.S. lately, as I’ve been developing a website to aggregate the posts related to the Silence Is The Enemy project. With all the horrendous acts of sexual violence going on in Liberia in mind, I was already in a bit of a cynical state before I started reading the #goodsex thread. After reading Tweets like this, my WTF-dar went into High Alert mode:

Harmonygirl30 #goodsex is when you don’t even care if you might of gotten pregnant cause you feel like you got a story to tell them when they older…

I_am_delo: @BscoTT26 #goodsex is when u don’t pull out!

InspiredByTrue: #goodsex when the kids walk in or wake up but you don’t care… U just gotta finish!

BabeHound #goodsex when u pray there’s no condoms

Sorry, BabeHound, but I pray to historical figures in science that there WERE condoms around, for the sake of your future illegitimate offspring. These are just a few examples, but there were hundreds, if not thousands of Tweets about having reckless, unprotected sex written by people who make egregious typos and grammatical errors. Who knew that Twitter would be the tool to give us confirmation that humanity is DOOMED?

Ironically, shortly after #goodsex rose to the top of the trending ranks, #”China bans Twitter” followed as people circulate news of China’s recent decision to ban access to a number of social networking sites including Twitter, hotmail, and flickr. China, I do not approve of your censorship tactics, but seeing as your motivation for doing this was probably based on the #goodsex thread, I will cut you a little slack. I mean, you have population control problems. You don’t want your people getting any ideas from the sleazy Americans. I also think I understand your motivations behind hotmail… it is a really crappy interface. But what did flickr ever do to you?? That is just going too far.